5 Reasons Why We Need Drug Policy Reform

Drug addiction is a sign of death:

I am not exaggerating but this is exactly what I believe in. I have had a brush with drugs myself when I was in high school and at graduation and I have been up close with people who have been addicted. Most of the addicts I knew have had premature deaths.

Having said that, I know a majority of them went into rehab and were saved but not too long after had a relapse and fell into the same pit that they had picked themselves up from.

In view of all my experiences, I do sincerely believe that the drug policy that we currently have needs to urgently go under reforms. Here are five good reasons.

  1. Unregulated drug selling is not helping anyone:

I have never seen the point in not regulating the drug sales. How can it hurt the government? In fact, regularisation will mean that the taxes from the sales can go to its coffers too.

  1. There is always a risk of overdose:

Unless the drug policy is reformed, I see a lot more deaths happening because of overdose. There are young children who have no prescription or the knowledge and are getting it from easy sources even if it is illegal.

  1. Teens are getting diverted to street peddlers:

I have read on ontariodrugrehabs.com various possible ways that drugs can be got from unverified sources and this is really a matter of grave concern. Losing the young population to this menace is saddening

  1. Young kids are dying because they are not educated about it:

Blame it on the education system that is not enough to ween the kids away from this menace or the government’s shut eyes policy that is selectively choosing to see what it wants to see? Reforms are imminent and they are badly needed.

  1. Can the government be abetting such deaths?

Do the officials have the slightest idea of how devastating it is to get calls from people who break the news to them that their child has succumbed to an overdose of an illegal drug? Why do we have to bring our children to such naught when we can bring about sensible policy reforms and bring the situation under control?…

Can You Legally Be Drug Tested at Work?

These Are Your Rights in 2018 If you employer asks you to take a biannual drug test, this may be one of the questions you might ask. “Is he allowed me make me take a drug test”. The short answer to this question is, unfortunately: yes. Your employer is legally allowed to give you drug tests, but they have to give you advanced notice weeks or months before it, usually on a schedule, and they cannot omit people from the drug test: everyone has to take it.

If you don’t want to be drug tested, you have to basically quit the job and find one that doesn’t have a required drug test. Since the employer is a private entity and they are not forcing you to take it (you can leave your job if you don’t want to take the drug test), it is fully legal for your employer to force employees to take drug tests for work if they have legitimate reasons to ie. for employee health insurance benefits. Believe it or not, some stoners actually do have work.

I got it at exit-5. Here are your rights regarding drug tests at work, courtesy of exit-5. Your employer is legally allowed to give his employee’s drug tests, but it must not be a surprise test and employers have to have advance notice, this depends on your state or municipality. Usually there is enough time so that you can stop smoking weed to get it out of your system by the time the test day rolls by so you can be THC free and pass the test with flying colors and have nobody suspect you do any bad or illegal things so you can keep your job and its benefits. Know your rights because if you don’t know them people can take them away.…