Top 5 tips for growth for independent law firms

There are so many independent law firms existing today. And people are more willing to approach and solve issues the legal way. With the increasing demand for legal assistance, there is a stiff competition if you own an independent law firm. When people are looking for a lawyer Glasgow, they should gain the trust to be able to approach through your firm. This trust is something that can be created with the type of approach you choose and the effectiveness of the legal assistance you provide.

  1. Branding

Much like other businesses even for a law firm, the branding is very important. This is a vital step if you plan to take the long-term approach. If you look at the most successful law firms, the power that their name creates is something that beginner level law firms should learn from.

  1. A clear understanding of the clients

When a law firm is able to understand its clients better it can easily understand the case as well. Similar types of the case might be very different to handle depending on the actual client involved.

  1. Knowledge of the competition

The competition is growing out there. You should be able to study the competition and device ways to tackle them wisely. You can also learn from your competitors’ failures and their success stories.

  1. The reliance on technology

Use technology smartly. It can be used to gather client information and also to study your client. This is just one way to use tech. The underlying goal is to make the clients feel more confident in your approach and comfortable with your methods.

  1. Good pricing strategies

To handle the competition you definitely need competitive pricing strategies. Too low a price might also affect the credibility of your services. Set the best prices for the services offered and the type of case you are dealing with.

How to Manage Employees Travelling for Work – A Complete Guide

The world today has become more global. It is impossible these days to run a company that functions entirely in one country alone. Nearly all companies have offices and business interests abroad. It is not entirely implausible that employees will stay in one country their entire tenure. It has become a job requirement to travel abroad for a time to touch base with their international offices.

One of the main concerns for HR departments of such companies is managing employees who travel abroad. So, Toronto immigration lawyer can be called on to help HR formulate a policy for employees traveling abroad.

Here is a complete guide for HR executives to help them manage the international travel of employees:

  1. Traveling to and from work, aka a daily commute, does not count as working hours. However, an employee who travels from work to the third destination on work is considered to be working since they are on company duty. This rule applies to foreign travel as well. It means that employees need to be compensated for this time and travel – in fact, it should be a part of their contract. This would require extensive documentation both on part of the employer and employee. Always remember that the compensation should not fall below minimum wage as per the law.
  2. An employee’s contract should have detailed information on their compensations and job requirements while they are on the job abroad. This includes leisure time and any extra time that your employee wishes to take while traveling.
  • Take into consideration the health of employees who are required to travel frequently. Sickness due to travel could mean decreased productivity. Ensure that an employees travel schedule also includes enough rest time (meaning work from their home office) as well as a few days off.
  1. Documentation and policies are not inflexible. They can be reviewed and refurbished as the need arises or as circumstances change. Keeping an open-ended policy with regard to certain aspects of business travel could prove useful in the long run for companies.

How to Talk to a Lawyer – The Best Tips for Talking to Your Lawyer

A pressing legal matter may require a lawyer who can help in the scheduling the respective legal issue and prepare for the trail. They usually want to see the documents, and evidence that is both informational and help in understanding the finer aspects of the case. While you sit down with your lawyer, it is advisable to make a list of things you will discuss, as the time factor is important for the case as well as the lawyer in their busy work schedule. Regardless of the type of case, the lawyer Edinburgh or elsewhere will require information that is helpful in dealing with the case and save the time and meetings going onwards.

  • key facts about your case are important, the purpose of meeting the lawyer should be clear and what are the points you have to discuss should be documented
  • the entire facts of the case should be detailed in a brief manner, without giving choppy and incorrect information, this wastes the time and effort, also the consultation fees is another consideration that should be remembered
  • the names of the key persons in the case, the date of the dispute, type of situation that created the dispute and the agony caused, with a few sentences about what you think will be the case happenings if you were in their position
  • your contact details are important, as in case of any requirement the lawyer can call, text or mail their doubts in the legal matter

There could be certain case-related points, documents, contracts that will need to be provided as the case progresses that should be submitted, also you have to verify that the lawyer does not have any conflict of interest with the defendants, or is not ethically acting upon your case.…