What Are Age Restricted Products? Here’s the List

Intimacy is something we all enjoy and look forward to from time to time. The best part is that it is not just limited to the simple lovemaking and cuddling. Today, we have so many sex toys and products available to us that can actually spice up our personal life like a pro. Gone are the days when it all used to be vanilla; now is the time for all kinky and wild stuff. Thanks to some of the most reliable providers in the market like LovePlugs.

From butt plugs to cock rings and vibrators to clamps, just say it and you can easily find such useful sex toys at relevant shops around your place. The biggest advantage is that these toys are not just available for a specific gender. Be it a man or a woman, one can find a wide variety of useful products available for all, that too at really competitive prices.

However, having said that, items like these easily available in the market today are restricted to individuals who are below a certain given age. This age limit varies from country to country. Where some countries consider the age of 18 to be the restriction, some of them consider 16 years of age to be ideal. Only people above these age limits can legally buy these items and are recommended to use.

List of restricted products

For your knowledge, find below some of the items apart from the above-listed ones that are totally restricted for usage by individuals who do not fit in the age limit criteria.

  • Dildo
  • Magic wand
  • Penetration stick
  • Anal Beads
  • Nipple holders
  • Sex dolls

Using all such products actually enhance your intimate moment every single time. However, children who are not allowed yet to buy and use such items should definitely avoid indulging them as it might harm their body and cause major injuries. Wait for the right time and make the most of these sex toys for a sensuous and memorable sex life.…