Complete Guide: The Law AndMental Health In The Workplace

Employers in the workplace have to balance the mental health of their employees but employers are failing to understand this aspect. The term mental health is about the emotional wellbeing. The mental condition can fluctuate and is different for each person.

As a society, there is a need to take proactive steps to address and improve the mental health conditions. Some employers are thus obliged to take steps for the mental health of their employees.

Mental health in the workplace

Enjoy life quotes at the workplace. Anxiety, unmanageable stress and depression are things that have become common among employees. The workplace mental illness costs the employers a huge amount of money. The employees lose working days because of mental sickness. There is also a case of premature morality because of mental health sickness.

The statistic shows that work has to be done in the security and in the business to promote the well-being of the employees. This is also now getting legal with more political intervention.

The law

The political parties have reviewed the law to enforce mental health support in the workplace. The party aims to transform the way mental health has been regarded in the workplace. The protection has been extended to workers who suffer from problems related to mental health. However, there is still not sufficient support at the workplace.

There are recommendations to extend support for mental health and the health and the safety regulations are also being reviewed. This needs assessment.

Practical steps being taken

The employers are taking some practical steps to help the employees who deal with mental health problems. This includes setting up a counseling service to help them with the mental health issues. Mental first aid and using a positive feeling and language is important. The culture of support is being fostered so that those who need help feel reassured and seek help.

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