The Boss of a Family: Husband or Wife?

Many people are in the view that Husband is superior to their wives and they have to follow the words of the husband and should obey them.  But this is not a true case in the present scenario, in which the educated men even from the upper middle class to the lower sector started to treat their wives giving equal respect and importance.  They are literally equal to one another.  Whatever may be the situations, either happiness or the sorrow, they need to join their hands and try to resolve these problems.

But this approach will not be a worth when it comes to the decision regarding the family issues.  This is because men are good at making decisions regarding certain financial matters and other outside issues.  The women are also equally good in making a decision regarding the child-oriented one and they are also capable of managing family things well.

When you talk about the boss of a family it is equally important to know the role played by both husband and wife with respect to the family. The boss of the family changes according to the different situations happening around the family.  Sometimes the wife will be the boss and in some situations, the husband will be the boss.  This healthy relationship should be maintained in order to lead a successful life.

Some husband may be good at deciding things and some may be good at managing things.  In order to run a happy family, the role reversal at times is vital to lead a healthy relationship in which both the partners will be fully satisfied.

Decisions regarding shopping are done mostly by the wives and they are more fascinated about shopping and surf various shopping brands like discover luxtime to know the recent trends of the product and try to purchase it and at this time, wives will be the boss.  Similarly, the decisions regarding the kid’s education are done mostly by both of them.

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